Christina Madsen

Christina Madsen

Danish jumping athlete

Has made multiple Grand Prix horses and earned several placements in World ranking Grand Prix.

Date of Birth: 01.09.1979

Nickname: Madsen

Sporting philosophy: Winners never quit and quitters never win. Mental strength is everything, especially in jumping.

Superstitions: I have a few OCD-like rituals during competitions – everything needs to be en equal number, the horses are fed two treats and so on.

Favourite Catago Equestrian product - and why: The Fir TECH collection is fab for everyday training, I use the healing pad and exercise sheet during riding, and the healing rug is put into good use before and after schooling.
At competitions I feel the horses looks well represented in the Diamond Collection, which also has an excellent fit.

Fun random fact we don't know about you: I drink 4 litre of Pepsi Max a day, and read every psychology book I can get my hands on. Not to mention I’m a qualified tecnic designer as well as climbing instructor.
Facebook: Christina Madsen
Instagram: christina_madsen_csk



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