Hanne Wind Ramsgaard

Hanne Wind Ramsgaard

Danish eventing athlete

Ramsgaard first began her eventing career in 2007, since then she’s earned a Nordic Team Gold medal, placed at the 2017 European Championship and had a very successful CCI4* Badminton Horse Trials debut in 2016.
Date of Birth: 20.12  1978
Sporting philosophy: You can do anything you set your mind to.
Idol: German eventer Ingrid Klimke and Australian eventer Christopher Burton.
Best advice to young upcoming riders: Build up your horse gradually with trust and confidence.
Favourite equestrian go-to colour: I tend to wear blue quite often but also go for pink, grey and a dash of everything sparkly.
Favourite Catago Equestrian product - and why: Oh that’s a though one… I’m a big fan of everything Catago: My matchy matchy grey Diamond set is quite swoon worthy and the FIR tech healing rug is equally fab.
Luxery to me: To be able to keep my horses at home and having a flexible job enabling me to prioritise horses and shows.
Fun random fact we don't know about you: I’m a better version of my self after 3 cups of coffee.
Facebook: Hanne Wind Ramsgaard
Instagram: hannewindramsgaard



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