Sille Engermann

Sille Engermann

Danish dressage athlete

Made her own Grand Prix horse before turning 18. Has an impressive 15 Championship medals, including 3 Danish Championships gold’s.

Date of Birth: 23.08.1998

When and where did you begin this sport: I've always been riding, even before I could walk.
Favourite food: When it comes to food I'm not that picky, but I’ve never been a meat lover, I prefer potatoes and vegetables.

Favourite Catago Equestrian product - and why: I love the Fir TECH Collection as well as the new stable rugs, they are awesome, have a good fit and the soft fleece around the neck is comfortable for the horse.
Fun random fact we don't know about you: I actually don't like soda but now and then I drink one, just to be sure that I still don't like it.

Facebook: SE Dressage
Instagram: silleengermann


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